About The Knitter's Helper


This is a knitting accessory kit that I've put together, that I call The Knitter's Helper! What the little kit contains is pretty self explanatory when looking at the pictures. Included in the kit is a finger row counter, 3 yarn corsets (my name for the protective netting) for putting around your yarn balls to keep them from tangling up as the ball grows smaller, package of 30 rubber colored stitch markers and 3 hang tags w/ locking stitch markers. The purpose of the hang tags are: Attach one to a working project and when you have to put it down for any length of time, you can record what row you ended on, or whatever details are pertinent! Another idea for them is, when you purchase your yarn, attach one of these hang tags with some detailed information of WHY or WHAT pattern your yarn is for! I can't believe how many people have mentioned that when they get ready to wind their yarn, they can't remember WHY they bought it!!